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CORONAVIRUS SEED SECURITY COLLECTION, plus RED SAVINA seeds and DRIED PEPPER FLAKES from Peru and Mexico - Spring 2020 Catalog Supplement.

Redwood City Company's CORONAVIRUS VEGETABLE SEED SECURITY COLLECTION. Growing your own vegetable garden, makes sure that only you handle your fresh produce, and also you can have fresh vegetables from your garden, whenever the grocery stores run out during the Corona virus pandemic. Three kinds of green beans, carrots, sweet corn, cucumber, lettuce, two melons, peas, radish, summer squash, tomato Zapotec Ribbed and Watermelon Sugar Baby. Packed in a ziplock bag, so if seeds are stored in the frig. they will be good for at least 2 years. PRICE included shipping to USA: $30

(Capsicum chinense) This batch is the last of Frank Garcia's Private Reserve original seed production, Lot R-1009. This variety held the Guinness World Record hottest pepper for 12 years, between 1994 and 2006. A dark red habanero fruit, and if you want to get some seeds from Frank Garcia's original seed production, this is your last chance. NOTE: Seeds are treated with the fungicide Thiram, so wear gloves when sowing seeds. Cannot be sent to the EU, UK, Australia or New Zealand. PACKET (100 seeds) $10 for the first packet, and $5 for each additional, free shipping to USA.

. Along with any order, ask for a free Tepin flakes sample to make hot sauce and salsas, plus a sheet with four recipes that my wife Sue put together, for you to try.

DRIED PEPPER FLAKES from Peru and Mexico. When we extract the seeds for planting from dried peppers, we produce the flakes that are ready for cooking, and have listed below what is available in five-ounce packages (about one quart). Flakes keep best when refrigerated.

Heat levels (HS) are our Dremann Hotness Scale--to convert to Scovilles, multiply by 12. Aji is a Capsicum baccatum imported from Peru, and the rest are Capsicum annuum imported from the growers in Mexico.

PRICES - Shipped Free to USA customers $10 for the first package, and $5 for each additional.

TEPIN FLAKES are the exception to those prices, Shipped Free to USA customers at $25 per package.

AJI AMARILLO (Capsicum baccatum) Mild and uniquely flavored fruit 5 inches long and one inch wide, most popular pepper in Peru, developed by the Incas thousands of years ago. (HS: 1,000)

CASCABEL. Round sweet-hot fruit 1 inch by 1.5 inch, add a nutty flavor to sauces. (HS: 1,600)

CATARINA. Oval shaped pepper like Cascabel but much hotter, about 2 inches long. (HS: 6,667)

DE ARBOL. Popular narrow pods, 4 inches long and inch across. (HS: 8,000)

GUAJILLO. Very popular pepper from Mexico, with pods 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. (HS: 1,300)

MIRASOL. Pods 8 inches long, 2 inches wide, like Guajillo but milder with a lot of flavor. (HS: 800)

PEQUIN. Wild bird pepper, tiny oval fruit 1/2 inch long, smoked to add an extra flavor. (HS: 20,000)

TEPIN. Used to be the world's hottest pepper in the 1980s, harvested from wild plants growing in the Mexican desert, and has a unique heat produced by the round, pea-sized fruit. (HS: 60,000).

Updated March 14, 2020