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Terms of Business

PRICES--Subject to change without notice. All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, f.o.b. Redwood City, California, for net weights. Shipping and packing will be charged extra at cost.

Quantities of 1/2 lb. will be sold at the pound rate, when pounds are $50 or more. The smallest bulk quantity of seeds sold is One ounce with the exception of some peppers, where a 1/2 ounce will be sold for seeds priced at $80 per ounce or more, and 1/4 ounces when the ounce price is $100 or more.

You can either send advance payment with your order for the cost of seeds or plants and include postage and packing costs, or we can take credit card phone orders, or faxed credit card orders. See information on credit cards and postage and packing charges below.

California customers please add sales tax on non-food seeds. The current list of exempt and taxable items are available here >>TAX. If you are ordering from within San Mateo County, the rate is 8-1/4% and elsewhere in California the rate is 7-1/4%. If the purchase is for resale, please send us a resale number for our files.

(sent via the Post Office, first class mail, 7-10 days delivery):

--Packets: Add $5 for the first packet and 10¢ for each additional packet, except for beans, corns or peas, then please add 20 cents for each of those packets.
--Ounces: Add $5 for the first ounce and 50¢ for each additional ounce.
--Pounds: Add $10 for the first pound, and $2 for each additional pound.
--Plants: Are postpaid to USA customers. We do not ship plants outside the USA! NO sweetgrass plants to Canada either.
We can take phone orders, credit card orders either by phone or by FAX. Or you can send advance payment in the form of a bank draft in U.S. dollars with your order for the cost of seeds and postage and packing. See the postage and packing costs below.


Packets: Add $5 for the first packet and 50¢ for each additional.
Ounces: Add $5 for the first ounce and 50¢ for each additional.
Pounds: $25 for the first pound and $5 for each additional.

AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, UK and EUROPEAN customers, currently, no shipping of pepper or tomato seeds to your countries, because of the seed borner virus and viroid restrictions.

However, we are working with growers, to be able to offer phyosanitary certified viroid-free hot pepper seeds in 2021. When those certified seeds are available, they will require a $60 phytosanitary reexport certificate to be induded with your seed order, in order to be able to enter.

If you have a desire for a particular pepper variety of certified seeds in the future, send your wants list with quantities, and we will see what we can do. Also, we are unable to ship corn seeds.

Terms of Sale:

COMMERCIAL ORGANIC FARMERS: We certify that as far as we know, ALL of the SEEDS listed in both our website and printed catalog are open pollinated and untreated, and no HYBRIDS or GMO seeds are offered by our compnay, and never will.

As is the custom in the seed trade, we warrant to the extent of the purchase price that seeds sold are as described on the container, within recognized tolerances. We give no other or further warranty, expressed or implied.

Our replacement policy on all sales is as follows: We will be pleased to replace any seeds which fail to germinate, providing that you contact us for a replacement within 90 days from the time you received the item from us. Just call for a free replacement.

We will replace any sweetgrass plants that fail to thrive, within one year of purchase. Only need to call to get a free replacement, and have the prefered SHIP DATE noted when you call.

>>>If you are having any problems with seeds (especially unusual pepper seeds) or sweetgrass plants, contact us by phone immediately so we can help solve the problem. In some cases, the soil temperature may be too low for germination of some of the rare peppers--soil temp. (not air temperature) MUST be 80-85 degrees F., which is usually lower than the air temp. Or if peat pots/peat pellets, or potting soils with a lot of peat moss in it, were used when planting pepper seeds, that can severely inhibit germination.<<<
DiscoverMastercardVisa customers,
call in your order, if $25 or more (650) 325-7333.

There is a $25 minimum per credit card order. Because seeds and plant materials are perishable commodities, all credit card sales will be under a no-refund/no-charge-back policy, but the above replacement policy will still apply. The placing of an order with us constitutes acceptance of the above-mentioned terms and conditions by the purchaser.

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