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Red = Pepper related web pages.

Green = Sweetgrass related web pages.

Brown = Native grass related pages.

Purple = Monsoon and Dust Cloud studies

2.3million.html = $2.3 million+ contact to manage weeds in the Great Basin sagebrush areas.

2012drought.html = The Pakistan-Arabia Dust Cloud causing the 2012 worldwide drought

2012floods.html = The Pakistan-Arabia Dust Cloud moving away and causing floods.

2013floods.html = 2013 India floods caused by the Dust Cloud.

99percent.html = Establishing 700 native plant preserves around California.

africa_india_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, from Africa to India.

agenda1.html = Caltrans District 1 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda2.html = Caltrans District 2 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda3.html = Caltrans District 3 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda4.html = Caltrans District 4 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda5.html = Caltrans District 5 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda6.html = Caltrans District 6 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda7.html = Caltrans District 7 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda8.html = Caltrans District 8 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda9.html = Caltrans District 9 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda10.html = Caltrans District 10 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda11.html = Caltrans District 11 agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agenda11a.html = Caltrans District second 11 agenda for native plants roadsides workshop.
agenda12.html = Caltrans District One agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agendabakers.html = BLM Bakersfield native plant workshop agenda.
agendaHQ.html = Caltrans HQ agenda for native plants for roadsides workshop.
agendasusan.html = BLM Susanville agenda for native plants workshop.

arastradero.html = The Poppy Project at Arastradero preserve, Palo Alto, California.

art.html = Craig Dremann's Planetarian or environmental artwork, part one.

art2.html = Craig Dremann's Planetarian or environmental artwork, part two.

art3.html = Craig Dremann's Planetarian or environmental artwork, part three.

art4.html = Craig Dremann's Planetarian or environmental artwork, part three.

articles.html = Craig Dremann's articles, native grassland studies and publications.

australia_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, through Australia.

berkeley.grass.html = An exercise from native plant workshop, using natives in urban areas.

bittercreek.html = Bitter Creek wildlife refuge, Cal., assessment of the native understory.

blmprotest.html = Protest of BLM allowing grazing of three Mojave desert allotments.

bones.html = Fossil bones with unfossilized marrow, perhaps with viable DNA.

burnbabyburn.html = Russian Ridge preserve illegal burns.

burns.html = Exercise from native plant workshop, what wildland burns can tell you.

calcarbonex.html = Restoring grasslands to sequester carbon, and form an exchange.

caldrought.html = California drought observations and photos.

calgrass.html = Checklist of all of California's native grasses.

california.html = "Success the First time and Every time™" for ecological restoration

california16.html = 16 basic rules for seeding native California plants.

california_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, California north to south

can_baja_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, Canada to Baja California.

can_mex_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, Canada to Mexico.

casecracker.html = Exercise from native plant workshop, long term survival of plantings.

CEQA.html = CEQA issues about the management of Russian Ridge preserve.

ceramics.html = "Swirly-glaze" ceramic art of Craig Dremann.

chavez.html = Plants in Cesar E. Chavez's garden in Keene, California in 1976 and 1986.

china_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, from China, west to east.

china_s-n_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, China south to north.

classes.html = Native plant training sessions offered by Craig Dremann, 1990-2001.

clear.html = Hot peppers, used to test soil fertility in Haiti for my farming project there.

colorado-utah-thresholds.html = Colorado, Utah native plant soil nutrient thresholds.

common.html = Exercise from native plant workshop, common garden of Bromus.

cool.html = Reducing global warming, with revegetation of native perennial grasses.

counts.html = Seed counts, of various pepper varieties.

country-flowers.html = Country Flowers Greenhouse in New York.

couve.html = Couve tronchuda or Portuguese cabbage order blank.

craig-bunnyhop.html = Craig's 1991 Joe Donohoe Bunnyhop xine interview.

craig-sage-grouse.pdf -- Craig's 2017 Sage Grouse interview on 2002 USFWS petition

d8pics.html = Photos from Caltrans D-8 workshop. potential native plants for roadsides.

deadgrass.html = Exercise from native plant workshop, exotic grasses vs. Calif. natives.

deldot.html = Delaware DOT native plant test plots, plant list and locations planted 2000.

demand.html = Russian Ridge 2011 request that grassland managements need CEQA review.

desertgrass.html = Dr. R.Humphrey's Photos: change 1890-1985 of grasslands to desert.

dotherightthing.html = Russian Ridge 2010 request for CEQA review.

dustandclouds.html = Dust and heat keeping clouds from forming over Arabia.

dust-eats-cyclones.pdf = The Dust Cloud that eats Cyclones.

dust.gif = Movie of China dust cloud hitting Western USA 2008

eclipse.MOV = Movie of total eclipse of sun from Central Oregon.

emergency.html = Saharan mustard, agenda for emergency meeting Barstow Cal. 2005.

europe_africa_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, Europe through Africa.

extinct.html = 98% of NM grass species predicted to go extinct within 100 years.Mass extinction is in progress in 2012, and needs human help to turn things around.

extinctgrass.html = Treasure hunt to find the formerly "extinct" Dissanthelium grass.

flames.html = Testing the burnable biomass of California native plants vs weeds.

floods.html = Pakistan floods in 2010 caused by the atmospheric dust.

floods2.html = Pakistan floods in 2011 caused by the atmospheric dust.

flowers.html = Wildflower planting along US highways using Federal Highway funds.

Flora-SaudiArabia.html = Flora of KSA with the easy plants marked.

gels.html = Genetic fingerprintings, useful for native grass variety identification.

gels.R2.html = Library of USFS Region 2 native grass genetic gels.

germ.html = USFS Region 2 Native seed germination test result library.

GONU.html = The atmospheric dust vs. the Super Category-5 cyclone Gonu.

GONU3.html = The Dust Cloud vs. the Cyclone, GONU loses, third look.

GONU_movie_world.gif = Movie of the 2007 GONU cyclone.

good.example.html = Exercise, direct sowing with natives=failure or success in 3 months.

gossip.html = Craig's Juicy Native Grass Gossip & Research Newsletter - Index & links.

grant.html = UC Davis and Caltrans grant, to study converting thistles to native grasses.

grass.yes.html = 30 steps to get 99.5% native cover within 180 days or less.

greatbasin.html = Great Basin native ecosystem restoration. = "Protection of Grouse may be Best Protection for Cattlemen's Livelihood." press release.

grow.grass.html = Watch a sweetgrass plant grow, throughout a year.

haiku.html = Dremann's Weed-Haiku--an art piece about weeds and native plants.

hanks.gels.html = Examples of native grass genetic gels.

heat.html = Environmental art piece: "Six miles south of Palmdale, on September 27, 2000 at noon a California native Harvester ant finds the coolest Mojave soil temperature underneath the perennial native Desert Stipa grass plant"

hedge.html = Exotic invasive mustard of the Mojave desert, Indian Hedge mustard.

highland.html = Highland Gardens, Pennsylvania.

highways.html = Roadside vegetation solutions, with local nati.

images.html = An image of the Mojave desert from space (Landsat).

india_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, though India.

ind.ricegrass.PDF = Indian Ricegrass soil nutrient thresholds.

index.html = Redwood City Seed Company pricelist.

invent.html = Inventing ecological restoration & weed management technologies.

jasperfix.html = Jasper Ridge, Stanford University, suggestions for grasslands restoration.

juicy.gossip.html = Craig's Juicy Native Grass Gossip & Research - Index & links.

kansas-thresholds.html = Kansas native plant soil nutrient thresholds.

keepweeding.html = Exercise: roadsides were maintained with herbicides, so now what?

kern.html = Kern County Study area, habitat restoration for kangaroo rats.

kite-hill = Kite Hill, California Ecological Restoration of serpentine wildflowers.

lake.mead.html = Report from Lake Mead about the new weed, the Saharan mustard

landscape.html = Exercise from workshop: Landscape painting, directly back to landscape.

legal.html = Resolve legal problems, with the use of local native plants.

lucky13.html = Exercise from workshop: The two percent solution, how is it important?

maintenance.html = Exercise from workshop: Right-of-way natural resources.

mega.html = Index to world-wide photo vegetation megatransects.

mega_NM.html = New Mexico, whole state vegetation megatransect.

megatransect.html = Western roadside vegetation megatransect for ecological conditions.

midpendeal.html = Mid-peninsula District negotiations, to start on the CEQA path.

mix.html = Exercise from workshop: Hypothetical seed mix, what is out of place?

mojave.html = The conversion of Mojave and Colorado River arid perennial grasslands to desert shrubland.

mojaveagenda.html = Agenda for a workshop on the use of native plants.

montana-thresholds.html = Montana native plant soil nutrient thresholds.

mrsa.html = A new class of antibiotics discovered, Botanical Antibiotics for MRSA.

mustards.html = Ooopps...there Goes Another North American Ecosystem, or Will the Mojave Desert and the Sonoran Desert, along with the native vegetation of four National Parks, disappear within our lifetime? - The Desert Exotic Invasive Mustards

nativenames.html = Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) Ethnobotanical web page.

natives.html = Training session on native plants for Caltrans and BLM, with exercises.

nature.html = The Reveg Edge services.

newcommon.html = Exercise: What do common gardens of native grasses tell us.

newGONU.html = The battle between the Cyclone GONU and the Dust Cloud.

new-mexico-thresholds.html = New Mexico native plant soil nutrient thresholds.

NOAAmaps.html = California drought, suggested weekly drought maps.

nomow.html = Exercise: Highway medians too narrow to mow, what about native plants?

oman_megatransect.html = Sultanate of Oman photo vegetation megatransect.

Order.Blank.Californians.html = Order Blank for Cal., outside of San Mateo county.

order.blank.html = Order Blank for outside of California. = Order Blank for San Mateo Co., California customers.

orderpepper.html = Order Blank for peppers seed collections. = Hot pepper growing tips.

Pepper.hotness.scale.html = Pepper Hotness Scale, Craig Dremann's.

Pepper.worlds.hottest.html = Wild Desert Tepin Pepper, the World's Hottest Spice!

peppergarden.html = Photos from the World's Largest Pepper Garden, that was planted at the Huntsville Botanical Garden in Alabama, 2001-2005.

pepperpics.html = Pepper picture gallery.

peppers.html = Order blank for pepper seed packets, and for pepper seed collections.

PEPPERS1.html = Pictures from the Huntsville pepper garden.
PEPPERS2.html = Pictures from the Huntsville pepper garden.
PEPPERS3.html = Pictures from the Huntsville pepper garden.
PEPPERS4.html = Pictures from the Huntsville pepper garden.
PEPPERS5.html = Pictures from the Huntsville pepper garden.
PEPPERS6.html = Pictures from the Huntsville pepper garden.

planting.html = Exercise: What is the break-even ratio between native plants & exotics?

portola-valley-grasses.pdf = Portola Valley grasses.

provisionals.html = Postmaster's Provisionals issued in Redwood City, CA 1984 & 1985.

questions.html = The 228 topics requested by the participants, from the native plant training sessions, arranged by topic.

rats.html = Lemoore NAS K-rat habitat 2002.

reveg-edge-mowing-plan.pdf = The Reveg Edge mowing plan.

road.test.html = Project sets the cost of Native Grassland Restoration at $225,000 per acre.

roadside.html = Roadside naturally maintained Ecosystems (SM).

roadside.web.html = National Roadside Vegetation Website.

roadveg.html = The ROADVEG project in Utah, how is it important for all DOTs?

sacred.html = Sacred Ceramic Art from the "Talking Clay" concepts.

sagefix.html = SAGEFIX™ methods to get rid of cheatgrass in six months.

SAGEFIX-workshop.pdf = SAGEFIX™ workshop to teach methods to get rid of cheatgrass.

salalah.html = Mountains around Salalah, Oman, and relationship to local rainfall.

Saudi_mega.html = Saudi Arabia, southern portion, photo vegetation transect.

Saudi_northmega.html = Saudi Arabia, northern portion, photo vegetation transect.

sausalito.html = Sausalito's prairie, planted in February 1995.

seedbank.html = Exercise: Existing Weeds and their Seed Bank. = Free Seeds for Kids offer.

sisy.html = Invasive Mojave desert mustards: Sisymbrium or London Rocket.

sky.html = Daily sky pictures of the California drought, January to June, 2009.

sky2.html = Daily sky pictures of the California drought, July, 2009 onward.

slide.html = Chronic Sliding Roadcut Syndrome (CSRS), solutions.

species.test.html = Species interaction analysis helps find the best species mixes: The Species Threshold Test.

standards.html = Ecological Restoration Checklist, Performance Standards and Budgets - Craig Dremann's "Blue Book of Ecosystem Values"™ for Non-riparian Ecological Restoration.

start.html = Three most important things that will assure success for State DOTs
wanting to getting started with native plants for roadsides.

starthistle.html = Yellow Starthistle Control Methods: Innovations shorten the time to control YST from three years, to 60 days or less.

stebbins.html = The Dr. G. Ledyard Stebbins web page, list of his journal articles.

stinkwort.html = The weed Stinkwort.

stipulations.html = Russian Ridge grasslands management stipulations.

storage.html = Article: Bromus carinatus & Elymus glaucus grass seed storage and longevity.

sun.html = 2012 solar eclipse and Venus transit pictures.

supplement.html = Current list of rare seeds or plants, not listed in the regular catalog.

sweetbox.html = Sweetgrass planter box design, for planting sweetgrass plants.

sweetgrass.html = SWEETGRASS (Hierochlöe odorata) - also called Bison grass and zubrowka. Organically grown plants & dried bulk leaves.

sweetgrassinfo.html = Sweetgrass growing information.

sweetob.html = Sweetgrass plant and dried leaves order blank.

sweetstates.html = Sweetgrass plants growing in home gardens in States A-M

sweetstates2.html = Sweetgrass plants growing in home gardens in States N-W

talk.html = Talk given in 2003: New Ecological Restoration Concepts - Craig's Ten Tools for the Future Successes of Weed Management and Ecological Restoration in California.

tepin.html = Order blank for the tepin, and some other very hot peppers. = Tepin pepper recipes, for the world's hottest pepper.

tobacco.html = Tobacco seed and growing information home page.

tobob.html = Tobacco seed order blank.

topdot.html = Local native plants for roadside landscaping, the top state DOTs.

total.html = The 228 native plant topics for the training sessions requested by the participants.

transect.html = Reveg Edge vegetation transect design.

trinity.flora.html = Trinity A-bomb site floral checklist, White Sands Missile Range, NM.

usa_w-e_megatransect.html = Photo vegetation megatransect, USA west to east.

villagesearch.html = Sweetgrass (Hierochloe) populations as possible North American Indian ancient village site and trade route indicators.

Waypoint-Lab-testing.pdf = Waypoint Lab soil testing, for finding nutrient thresholds.

weedmaps.html = Weed maps, the Top-10-Worst intentionally planted Persistent Exotics.

wild.2008.html = Wildflower Adventures, the Excellent 2008 California flowers.

wild.2009.html = Wildflower adventures, A Most Awesome & Excellent Spring 2009.

wild.2010.html = Wildflower adventures, A Most Awesome & Excellent Spring 2010.

wild.html = Wildflower adventure, California spring 2003.

wildflowerinsurance.html = Email to Calfire about damages done to Russian Ridge

wildflower.planting.html = Wildflower planting tips, by the numbers.

workshop.html = Workshop on the use of native plants, for Caltrans, DELDOT and BLM.

yosemite.html = Exercise: Beauty examples of native plants from Yosemite roadsides.

zombie-ecosystem-detection.pdf = How to detect Zombie ecosystems.

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