If you still have a 2018 catalog, there are no changes for 2019,

so you can use that copy to order for 2019. 


Printed Catalog


Call for a copy (650) 325-7333


---FAX for a copy (650) 325-4056


---Mail a Post Card or Letter with a catalog request, the old fashioned method, to—


P.O. Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064


(If you send a request by mail, if you could include a mailing label

with your name and address, we will be grateful)




For the rare items for 2019 that are not in the printed catalog, see

our Catalog Supplement website at www.ecoseeds.com/supplement.html


If you do not have an order blank, you can use a sheet of paper,

and put your name and address in the upper left hand corner, and

use that for your order blank.  Or call your order in


CREDIT CARD information on ORDER BLANK--

If you include your credit card information, also include the CVV

the three number code on the back and if your billing address for your

card is different from your shipping address, please put your billing

ZIP CODE only and mark it ÒBilling Zip Code=xxxxxÓ

with your credit card information.